The Trinity and Us

Now that I have written five thousand words about why I think the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is a true and biblical description of the One God, someone might wish to ask me, “What difference does it make?”  Sure, traditional Christian orthodoxy (held today by evangelical and conservative Protestants of all denominations, traditional Roman Catholics, and most Eastern and Oriental Orthodox) believes in the Trinity, while Oneness Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unitarians, liberals (both Protestant and Roman Catholic), and Muslims do not.  But is that just an interesting and incidental detail, along the lines of different traditions of church decoration?  Or is it relevant to how Christians live out their faith in practice?  Does this Trinitarian theology matter?

I think it does matter, and it matters a lot.  Now, I will readily grant up front that it does not seem to matter to many Christians, who live out their lives with scarcely a thought regarding Trinitarian vs. Unitarian doctrine.  But I think it does matter, and ought to matter a great deal to Christian life and faith. (more…)


Gay Marriage Debates: Fallacious Arguments

The US Supreme Court has announced it will finally decide the question of gay marriage for the whole country.  This promises to be a landmark case as significant, and as controversial, as the 1973 decision Roe v. Wade.  Both liberals and conservatives reportedly cheered the decision, and are readying their best arguments.  Some might call me a cynic, but I’d be a whole lot happier if I thought any of the arguments on either side might be anything other than fallacious preaching to the choir, and each of the justices already knows where they sing.  (If the justices on the Supreme Court are supposed to be non-partisan, why do they almost always divide the same way along the same partisan issues?)  Here I present a couple common arguments on both sides, and why they don’t work. (more…)


It is a common false belief that when things are going the way we want, then it’s God’s kindness to us, but when things are going contrary to our wishes, then it’s the devil or the world or some other oppositional force.  Some times God gives us difficulties that we need, and sometimes he allows things to go the way we want even when that is harmful for us.  But when things do go well for us, we can be grateful for his goodness, all the same.

Moving tally:

  • Caring landlords who are willing to do work on the house we’ve rented, and they’re also Christian.
  • A sublet that we rented for longer than we thought we’d need, which is now coming in handy.
  • First church visited in town seems very good, and also happens to fulfill most of my and my wife’s preferences.  (We accept a broad range of Christians and churches that we will worship with, but we also have a long list of less essential things that we prefer, such as that the congregation will accept theology nerds…)
  • Found good new primary care doctor on first try.
  • 10th anniversary.

Moving is still a painful experience, but these good parts have been surprising (okay, apart from the anniversary; we saw that one coming).  Thank you, God, for your kindness in providing us with what we need!