Repaying Evil with Good

The news coming out of Mosul regarding the expulsion of religious minorities is pretty awful, and we should pray for the Iraqis, but I also wanted to share a link to a Lebanese Christian’s response to the situation, which, if it is not simply posturing, is a clear example of blessing those who curse you.  It is an open letter from Levant Party President Rodrigue Khoury to the self-appointed “Caliph Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” of ISIS, and it begins:

Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?

This is what our God called out to Paul when he was devoting himself completely to tormenting Christians… And this call ushered in his transformation into a Christian and his guiding many souls to the right path.

O Caliph, so far as I can tell you are striving to build a state that pleases God.

So which does God favor: Stoning an adulteress to death and handing her soul over to Satan or caring for her in mercy and giving her good advice so that she becomes pious and righteous and guides other souls to repentance, thus winning her own soul and the souls of many others?

Read the whole thing here.  We can also pray for the conversion of evil-doers.


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